Pondless Waterfall

A pondless waterfall is a waterfall that disappears into a bed of river rock instead of a pond. The water is stored underground which also contains the pump, where the water circulates back up to the top of the pondless waterfall. Build yourself a pondless waterfall if you want a gorgeous spectacle of natural visuals, which will provide beauty and soothing sounds.

Reasons to build a pondless waterfall
– Easy to construct
– Energy efficient
– Beautiful
– Low Maintenance
– Minimal space requirements
– Save money

How to build a pondless waterfall

Find a suitable location
Choose a location in your yard with a gentle slope. Make sure your pondless waterfall design dimensions allow a long enough hose to reach from the pump inside the bottom reservoir to the top of the waterfall.

Find a tub
Choose a tub that you will use to bury in the ground. However, plastic tubs don’t hold up very long and the sun destroys them within a few years. You can go to a local pet store and ask for horse watering troughs, which are usually made by Rubbermaid.

Dig a hole
Dig a hole in the ground that is exact size and shape of the tub you have chosen for your pondless waterfall. It should be deep enough so that the water pump will not jut out over the top of the pit after it is installed. You can now place the tub in the hole and backfill with the soil you dug out.

Installing the pump
Now that you have the tub in place, you can install your pump. However, make sure your water pump is submersible because it must be powerful enough to pump all of the water from the catch basin through the length of the tubing back up to the head of the waterfall continuously.

Construct the waterfall structure
You can now line the stream bed with rocks, placing according to your waterfall design. It is a good idea to place large rocks into the tub first to support the rocks above it. These big rocks should also connect to form a watertight seal with black pond foam. After placing big rocks in the bottom of the tub, you can use smaller ones to fill in the spaces between them to create a natural look.

Filling the water
Fill the waterfall box with water, plug in the pump and turn it on. The water will come down the falls and fall through the rocks into the sunken reservoir, giving the impression that it just disappears into the ground. Now you can sit back to enjoy the soothing sounds of your pondless waterfall.