Calgary Pergolas

A well planned pergola will define an outdoor space with its bold presence. You can bring your backyard landscaping to life and at the same time create an interesting shaded area with plenty of breeze s for outdoor relaxation. Calgary pergolas can be built over an outdoor hot tub so that you can use it also fill the specific role of protecting winter hot tubbers from the harsh weather without blocking out the great evening view of the stars.

Many different uses for Pergolas
Pergola systems can be used in a variety of different ways to add structure to your outdoor living space. A single garden Pergolas can be used like a screen to separate your patio areas from the rest of the yard, creating extra privacy for an outdoor dining areas. Double Pergolas feature walkway and passageways, fram a focal point in your yard and shade sitting area.

Sitting under a Calgary pergola is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with a good book or a comfortable place to take a nap. As an added bonus, it provides a permanent structure for roses, ivy, and flowering vines to grow through and will display a large assortment of hanging baskets. A pergola can also be an impressive way to welcome guest when built over the walkway to your front door.

Materials to use
The defining feature of a pergola is the support columns on two sides that are connecting by a latticed framework above. These columns can be made from different materials for a different effect.

Wood – this is the most common material used when building Calgary pergolas. The best is softwood that has been pressure treated with a suitable preservative. Hardwood, can be used and has the added benefit that it is natural durability and doesn’t require pressure treatment.

Brick/stone – this is a little more expensive than using wood, but will take more weight. Your Calgary pergola will also fit into your desgin better if the outside of your house has exposed brick or stone. Wooden cross members can be used to form the open roof.

Metal – These pergola frames give a very sleek and modern feel to your yard and are available in kits that can be bolted together. Designs can be made to measure.

Calgary building regulations to consider
There are many building rules to consider when building a Calgary pergola and some of those are as follows:
 The depth of Pergola Footings you need to dig and fill with cement to support your posts must be below the frost level so that they stay secure wen the ground freezes and warms throughout the year.
 If you can, use specialist ground stakes that your posts are secured onto and use basic wall joists for a simple attached pergola construction.
 Always checking for the location of all underground pipes and cables on your property before you start to dig any post holes.
 Be aware of how big your construction can be and know the height limits and maximum recommended span for beams and rafters and how far your construction needs to be from neighbouring boundaries.
 Research any limitations to the type of cover you can place on top of your rafters – louvres, trellis or lattice for a more shady retreat.

Knowing the regulations in your area will also help you to determine if a certain pergola kit is suitable for your home.