Back Yard Trees

We plant trees in our back yards to provide shade and shelter for ourselves and to provide habitat for birds and other small animals. Back yard trees will enhance the aesthetics of our property and most importantly they will contribute to improved air quality in Calgary. If you have space then back yard trees will do all this and as a bonus will strengthen our urban forest.

Birch clumps

Whether you prefer weeping or upright birch trees, the ideal size would be three stems in the clump. The upright variety will get bigger and require more room at maturity than the weepers but either will make great back yard trees, at about 8′-10′ for the weeper and 12′-15′ for an upright.


Cedars are very tempting for Calgarians to grow in their yards.  They are a beautiful lush dark green and have very attractive foliage.    The problem with cedars is they have a tough time surviving in Calgary’s climate.  Most of the cedars you find in the local stores do not grow well in Calgary.  There are a couple varieties that fair better than most here.  You may want to consider planting junipers instead.  Junipers look a lot like cedars but are far hardier than cedars and grow especially well in Calgary’s climate.  Even junipers can have difficulty growing in Calgary but they are far more likely to live than cedars.  To learn more about what cedars grow well here and good juniper options visit Cedars and junipers

Fruit bearing trees

These great back yard trees, feed the birds throughout the winter. Choose a crab apple, a red buckeye or eastern redbud, all that grow to a perfectly full 25ft and have the most beautiful flowers in spring.  Some great crabapple options include strathmore, rudolph, and thunnderchild.  If attracting birds to your yard is a feature for you then you will need to plant one of these. Weeping crab apple and purple fusion, or dwarf apple have the most beautiful foliage you will ever see on a tree in the spring.

To view photos of fruit trees that flourish in Calgary visit:  Trees Guide Calgary


There are many varieties of back yard trees that will stay green all year round providing privacy and colour through every season. Some varieties grow very fast and don’t get too tall.