Welcome to Landscaping Calgary

Great landscaping advice and everything you want to know about landscaping in Calgary.


Welcome To Landscaping Calgary

Landscaping Calgary Guide Welcomes you to the new home of landscapingcalgary.com. Our website is dedicated to providing information about landscaping in Calgary.

This landscaping Calgary site will include information of landscape materials for hardscaping including paving stones, exposed aggregate, flagstone and decorative stone. You will also find information on plantings including shade shrubs, trees that tolerate moist areas of your yard and drought resistant plants.

Watch for our special photo section to include numerous photos of perennials, and annual plants.  We will also tell you about excellent varieties of perennials to use in rock gardens.

We welcome your feedback and comments so please let us know what you think of our landscaping site.

This landscaping calgary site will be including information on landscaping gadgets and excellent landscaping widgets for ipad and iphone or other mobile devices.  We  plan to bring you the most informative landscaping site on the internet.  Please check back soon to discover what landscaping calgary has in store.

Fruit you Can grow in Calgary

Check out this article in Avenue magazine featuring Chinook Landscaping and Design.  It discusses fruit you can grow in Calgary

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Walls and Fences

It doesn’t matter if your outdoor garden and living area is a peaceful escape from the everyday noise, or a vibrant energetic place full of noise, chances are you also want it to be a place that’s private.

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Choosing The Right Tree

When you are planning your landscaping project, there are several elements that go into choosing the right tree.

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Garden Landscaping

Garden landscaping in Calgary can be full of surprises.  The surprises come in all shapes and forms but they are usually weather related. Garden landscaping can involve lots of trial and error.

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Front Yard Trees

Choosing a tree to plant in your front yard takes more consideration than a tree on any other part of your yard.

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Spring Rose Care

There is nothing more vibrant than the sight and smell of a flowering rose garden in full bloom. Investing some energy into your spring rose care will ensure healthy rose bushes throughout the summer.

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Choosing the Right Shrub

Whether you are landscaping a blank canvas at a new home or you are giving your old yard a new and updated look, there are many options so to make sure you choose the right shrub, be sure to consider what you expect from your shrub.

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Sprinkler Installation

Calgary can have some very warm summers and very windy days causing your landscape to dry out quickly. Installing underground sprinklers is a convenient way to insure your trees, shrubs and lawn are getting watered adequately.

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Planting Trees

Trees are critical in preserving and protecting Calgary’s natural environment and in particular they are instrumental in helping to improve the air quality in the city. When planting trees, the most important decision is the location.

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